Project Planets

You were sworn to protect the galaxy's planets and you took that oath seriously, but now you need the planet's resources more than ever. Therefore, you'll have to break your oath and hope you can survive the betrayal.

Project Planets is a simple arcade game made in a couple months with these awesome developers:

  • Gabriel Cornish: Project lead, core gameplay, level design, planet earth, shield ring, laser textures, glow and shake effects, background art, health UI, pointer animation, reward particles, countdown timer, assorted bug fixes, ship explosion sprite, tutorial
  • Simon Donohoe: Dialog avatar, speech bubbles, dialog animation, dialog system, player score reset, main menu, pause menu, start of level screen, game over arrow input, level transition
  • Luis Montaña: Art (red planet, frozen planet, ship, blue ship, green ship), animation (fog, thrust, intro)
  • Rob Tunstall: Music (main menu, win, loss, stage), sounds (player shoot, reward collect)
  • Gonzalo Delgado: Player portrait with animated
  • Ian Cherabier: Level reload functionality
  • Tyler Funk: Dynamic planet clouds, red cloudy planet
  • Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila: Shield orbs (particle, beam, orb), explosion (sound, particles), healthpack pickups


Download 29 MB
Version 3 May 01, 2022

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